Mã lỗi Fuji Xerox DocuCentre - IV 2060-3060-3065 (P3)

Bảng tra mã lỗi Fuji Xerox DocuCentre IV 2060-3060-3065 ( Phần 3)

Khi máy Fuji Xerox DocuCentre IV 2060-3060-3065 bị lỗi trên màn hình sẽ hiển thị lỗi dạng XXX-XXX các bạn tra mã tương ứng với mã ở bảng dưới đây để biết máy bị lỗi gì. Bảng mã có thể áp dụng cho cho máy Fuji Xerox workcentre 5335 khi báo lỗi

máy Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 3065 báo lỗi

034-xxx FIP

034-211 Slot1 Board failure
034-212 Slot2 Board failure    
034-500 Dial Error (Incorrect Dial Data)    
034-501Selected Channel DialError  
034-502Fax Internal Must Parameter Error    
034-503Fax Internal High Layer Service Error    
034-504 Fax Stored Memory Exceeded
034-505 Fax Work Memory Exceeded
034-506 Unsupported Function at Remote
034-507 Password Check Error
034-508 Transmission Canceled via DTMF
034-509 DTMF Illegal Procedure Error    
034-510 DTMF Procedure Error
034-511 Unable to Send File at Remote
034-512 Detect Endless Loop
034-513 Receive Command Error
034-514 Requested Function Unsupported
034-515 Illegal Command Received
034-519 No of Desinations Exceeded
034-520 No of Sevices Exceeded
034-523Fax service disabled
034-524Unable to cancel operation
034-525Specified Chainlink not exist    
034-526Chainlink No out of scope    
034-527Dial Control Error    
034-528 Cannot perform manual send
034-529No printable paper size    
034-530 DTMF I/F Timeout
034-550 Downloader Fail
034-700 GCPLock-G3DicepBusy-CodecHang
034-701Software Reset
034-702No destination specified
034-703 D Channellink cut from network
034-704 ISDN D Channel Data Link Error
034-705 ISDN Layer 1 Stopped-Power on
034-706 ISDN Layer 1 Stopped-Power off
034-707 FRMR Received
034-708 Illegal Frame Received N(R)
034-709 Illegal Frame Received
034-710 DL Link Establishment Received
034-711Waiting for link Timeout
034-712Internal Error (Interrupt)
034-713Timeout-Transmission canceled
034-714 Line Disconnected-Timeout T305
034-715 Line Disconnected-Timeout 3082
034-716 Connection Timeout (T313)
034-717 Resume Timeout
034-718 Normal Disconnection
034-719No free and available lines   
034-720Timeout (60s,T330,309,301,310)    
034-721Error (Format, Contents)    
034-722 Suspension Timeout034-723 No Timer Assigned

034-724Illegal Sequence    
034-725L3 Task Internal Error    
034-726 HD81501 I/F Buffer Busy

034-727 No Reply for 3 sec for 1300Hz

034-728Invalid Destination    
034-729 Line cut, In-Channel PB Send

034-730In and out call conflict
034-731 Fax Network Cut (Setup Error)

034-732 Fax Network Cut due to Timeout

034-733Incorrect Sequence,Call Status    
034-734HI Task Internal Error    
034-735 Connect only to ISDN D Channel

034-736 Wrong notice from fax network

034-737Incoming call response error
034-738Layer 1 Start Up Error
034-739Layer 1 not synchronized
034-740 Transmission of Frame Error

034-741 Unable to Send Frame

034-742 Frame Send Underrun Detected

034-743 Abnormal frame-sending DMA

034-744 Unacceptable Channel

034-745Outgoing call to channel set
034-746 No usable lines

034-747Switching equipment congestion    
034-748Specified line cannot be used
034-749Network Conjestion Error
034-750 Network Error
034-751 Temporary Network Error
034-752 Destination terminal busy
034-753 Destination not responding
034-754 No response from Destination
034-755Destination rejecting call
034-756Destination Faulty
034-757Others (Normal, Semi-normal)
034-758Incorrect Destination Fax Dial No
034-759 No Relay Network Route
034-760 No Line To Destination
034-761Incorrect Format Destination Fax No
034-762Facility rejected
034-763Com Capability disallowed
034-764Com Capability not configured
034-765Error by service,feature limit
034-766 Selected com not implemented
034-767 Selected mode not implemented
034-768Restricted Digital Info Only
034-769Error by service, feature
034-770Reply to status query
034-771Access information discarded
034-772Inter-working connection error
034-773Invalid Dial No Specified
034-774Invalid Line Specified
034-775Others (Invalid Message Class)
034-776Insufficient Required Info
034-777 Undefined Message Type
034-778 Incorrect Message or Type
034-779No information, or not defined
034-780Invalid Information
034-781 Call Status, Message Mismatch
034-782Error cleared due to timeout
034-783Other Errors (Operation, etc)
034-784 Destination No Changed
034-785Incompatible destination
034-786Call identity not in use
034-787Call identity in use
034-788 Show other causes
034-789G4 Presentation Illegal Event
034-790Line 0 (Ext) not connected
034-791 Line 1 not connected
034-792 Line 2 not connected
034-793 Line 3 not connected
034-794 Line 4 not connected
034-795 Line 5 not connected
034-796Dial Error (Incorrect Fax No 2)
034-797 Communication Parameter Error
034-798 Data Parameter Error

035-xxx FIP

035-550 Downloader Fail    

035-700 Modem faulty    

035-701 T1 Transmission Timeout    

035-702 Destination Receive Rejected    

035-703 DCN Receive at Phase B Send    

035-704 Destination Polling Error    

035-705 DCS/NSS Resend Exceeded    

035-706 Fallback Error    

035-707 Wrong Password/Receive Banned    

035-708 Post-message resend exceeded    

035-709 RTN Receive    

035-710 PIN Receive    

035-711 DCN Receive at Phase D    

035-712 No response after 3 NSC    

035-713 T2 timeout after sending FTT    

035-714 DCN Received after NSC/DTC    

035-715 Wrong Password-Polling Error    

035-716 No past message-T2 Timeout    

035-717 RTN Send    

035-718 Receive T1 Timeout    

035-719 Busy tone detected at Phase-B    

035-720 Unable to receive by remote    

035-721 DCN Received at Phase B    357

035-722 Wrong frame length of 300bps    

035-723 No CD after receiving flag    

035-724 DCN Receive after sending FTT    

035-725 Remote has no Mailbox/Relay    

035-726 PhaseC cannot receive-10 secs    

035-727 50% Error during G3 Receive    

035-728 C EOL cannot receive in 10 sec    

035-729 Carrier Down Detected    

035-730 No CS with Phase-C High Speed    

035-731 Fax V8 Error    

035-732 Fax V34 PCH CD Off    

035-733 Fax V34 C/PCH CS None    

035-734 Polling ERR at Remote Step V8    

035-735 No Doc in Polling Box Step V8    

035-736 No reply DCN after sending CTC    

035-737 No reply DCN after sending EOR    

035-738 No reply DCN after sending RR    

035-739 Fax T5 Timeout    

035-740 Sending stopped after EOR Send    

035-741 ECM Phase C Flag Timeout    

035-742 EOR Send or Receive    

035-743 Remote cannot receive SUB    

035-744 Remote cannot receive password    

035-745 PTX has no SEP capability  

035-746 Busy-Cannot detect dial tone
035-747Abort while dialing
035-748Abort during transmission
035-749No reply from remote station
035-750Power Off during transmission
035-751Doc send operation canceled
035-752No of Job Restriction Error
035-753Fax Memory Full
035-754File management memory full
035-755File Add Page Error
035-756 Cannot add page
035-757 No Receive Page
035-758No specified file or page
035-759 No specified job
035-760File common processing error
035-761File other processing error
035-762 Line cut during ISDN

118-xxx FIP

118-310 IPSEC Intenal Fail

121-xxx FIP

121-310 EPSV-Accessory Communication Fail 

121-311 IC Card Auditron Passwd Fail

121-312IC Card Auditron Accessory Fail

121-313IC Card Auditron Software-key Fail 

121-314 Customize User Prompts Fail 

121-316EP Accessory conflicts with SecureAccess 

121-317Continuous JOB setting missmatch of EPLyzer 

121-318Auth/Accout Settings Is Not Supported
121-319Fax Send Charging and Internet FAX Setting Confliction
121-320EP-SV Setting information conflict fail
121-321EP-DX Setting information conflict fail
121-322Controller Price Table Error
121-323 Web EP Software Fail
121-324Fax Send Charging And Scan Setting Confliction
121-333 EPSV-EP M/C Communication Fail
121-334 EPSV Login Fail
121-335 EPSV Wake Up Answer Fail
121-336 Unknown EP Accessory
121-337EP Accessory Self Diag Fail
121-338 EPSV Answer Time Out
121-339Price Table Error
121-340 EP Accessory Miss Match
121-350 EPSV Logic Fail
121-370 EP-DX - unexpected error

123-xxx FIP

123-207 Comm Manager Target Fail (UI-Panel)

123-209 EVM Returns Wrong Value (UI-Panel)

123-310 Send Queue Full (UI-Panel)

123-311Receive Queue Full (UI-Panel) 

123-312Diag mode change Fail (Punch unit type set) 

123-317 Receive Message Queue Full (UI-Panel)

123-318Receive Finish Queue Full (UI-Panel)

123-320NVM initialized for FCW composition

123-322Target Fail (UI-Panel)

123-323Address Fail (UI-Panel)

123-325Object Creation Fail (UI-Panel) 

123-326 Memory Overflow (UI-Panel)

123-327Button Overflow (UI-Panel) 

123-328UI Internal Fail with Out of Area 

123-329UI Internal Fail with Invalid Coordinates

123-332I/F Fail (Invalid Parameter CP)

123-333I/F Fail (Impossible Communication)

123-337Frame Data Error with Invalid Data Type

123-341Event Queue Full (UI-Panel) 

123-342 Event Queue Empty (UI-Panel)

123-343Invalid Class (UI-Panel) 

123-344Invalid Type (UI-Panel) 

123-345Timer Queue Full (UI-Panel) 

123-346Invalid Timer Number (UI-Panel) 

123-350 One Touch Key Fail (MCW) 

123-352 Sys EEPROM Read Error(UI-Panel)

123-353UI Cable Connect Error(UI-Panel) 

123-354Decrease in 24V Error(UI-Panel) 

123-355Decreas in 5V Error(UI-Panel) 

123-356 FAX OTK Cable Connect Error(UI-Panel)

123-357 Sys EEPROM Write Error(UI-Panel)

123-358 Log EEPROM Write Error(UI-Panel)
123-362No Object (UI-Panel)
123-368 Short of UI Memory (UI-Panel)
123-369Invalid Interface Value (UI-Panel)
123-370Interface Length Fail (UI-Panel)
123-371Interface Parameter Fail (UI-Panel)
123-372Interface Sequence Fail (UI-Panel)
123-373Channel Fail (UI-Panel)
123-374Invalid User Job ID (UI-Panel)
123-375Internal Resource Fail (UI-Panel)
123-376Internal Memory Fail (UI-Panel)
123-377UI Timer Fail (UI-Panel)
123-378Interface Format Fail (UI-Panel)
123-379Dispatch Fail (UI-Panel)
123-380Copy Interface Fail (UI-Panel)
123-381Fax Interface Fail (UI-Panel)
123-382Scanner Interface Fail (UI-Panel)
123-383Report Interface Fail (UI-Panel)
123-384Server Access Fail (UI-Panel)
123-385Service Object Overflow (UI-Panel)
123-386Invalid Service Object (UI-Panel)
123-387Invalid Service Object Attribute (UI-Panel)
123-388Attribute Fail (UI-Panel)
123-389Argument Fail (UI-Panel)
123-390Job Parameter Fail (UI-Panel)
123-391Job Actual Parameter Fail (UI-Panel)
123-392Auditron Fail (UI-Panel)
123-393EP Fail (UI-Panel)
123-394File Access Fail (UI-Panel)
123-395 NVM Fail (UI-Panel)
123-396FF Fail (UI-Panel)
123-397 MGR Fail (UI-Panel)
123-398Delay Release Queue Full (UI-Panel)
123-399Internal Fail (UI-Panel)
123-400JRM I/F Internal Fail (UI-Panel)

124-xxx FIP

124-310 DC132 11

124-311 DC132 09

124-312 DC132 12

124-313 DC132 10

124-314 DC132 01

124-315 DC132 02

124-316 DC132 03

124-317 DC132 04

124-318 DC132 07

124-319DC132 08

124-320SEEPROM Fail 

124-321Backup SRAM Fail 

124-322DC132 05

127-xxx FIP

127-210 DFE Communication Fail 

127-211 DFE Parameter Error 

127-212 ExtPrint Check Mode Error 

127-213ExtPrint I/F Mismatch

127-220 DEF Communicaiton Error (video)

127-221 DEF Communicaiton Error (Command) 

127-310 ESR Task Fatal error 

127-311 ExtPRTc Fatal Error

127-312 DFE Video Link Fail 

127-313 ESS Video Link Fail 

127-314 WSD Print S/W Fail

127-315ThinPrint S/W Fail 

127-320DFE Critical Fail 

127-337 JobTemplate HDD Write Error 

127-342JobTemplate Monitor Fail 

127-353LPD Soft Fatal error 

127-354 FTP Server Software Fail

127-396MailIO Soft Fatal error

127-398IPP Soft Fatal error 

127-399JME Soft Fatal error

127-700SIP Registration Fail 

036-xxx FIP

036-500 Illegal PDRP Parameter
036-501 Illegal RDPBP Parameter
036-502 Illegal RDPBN Parameter
036-503 Illegal RDCLP Parameter
036-504 Illegal RDGR Parameter
036-505 Undefined response
036-506Not negotiable
036-507RDPBP Receive at full capacity
036-508 RDPBN Receive Terminal Error
036-509 RDPBN Receive Others
036-510 RDGR Receive
036-511> 518 Illegal procedure
036-519 Undefined Command
036-520,521 Not Negotiable CDS Receive
036-522 CDD Receive Terminal Error
036-523 Other than above CDD receive
036-524 CDR Receive Terminal Error
036-525 Other than above CDR receive
036-526 Illegal CDUI (Normal Doc)
036-527 Illegal CDUI (Operator Doc)
036-528 Illegal CDUI (Control Doc)
036-529 Illegal CDUI (Monitor Doc)
036-530 CDSReceive-Illegal Documen
036-531,532 DMA channel 1 illegal closing
036-533 Cannot convert resources
036-534 Decode Error in Data Convert
036-535 White Line Transfer Error (Compress)
036-536 White Line Transfer Error (Decomp)
036-537 No RTC during data convert
036-538 Doc descriptor analysis error
036-539 Page Descriptor Analysis Error
036-540 Text Unit Analysis Error
036-541 Page boundary without TU
036-542 Relay Broadcast error in G4
036-550 Downloader Fail
036-700 G4 Communication Error
036-701 Receiving variable N(R) error
036-702 Info frame size exceeded (NI)
036-703 Monitor/Unnumbered frame error
036-704 Undefined Command/Response 1104
036-705 N2 timeout of Receive Timer
036-706 SABM Wait Timeout in G4

036-707 UA wait Timeout in G4

036-708 Cannot establish link in G4
036-709 DISC receive before link close
036-710 FRMR Receive (Z=1)

036-711 FRMR Receive (Y=1)

036-712 FRMR received (Z=1) W=1

036-713 FRMR Receive (W=1)

036-714 Global Address Receive

036-715 Line Open Timeout in G4

036-716 Wrong LSI Send (Busy Timeout)

036-717 Abnormal LSI operation

036-718 Disconnection Notice Timeout
036-719 C Line On but I Line Off
036-720 C Line Off but I Line On
036-721 I Line Off during Transmission
036-722 Call cut during flag detect
036-723 Call cut while awaiting UA
036-724 Call cut while awaiting SABM

036-725 Disc received before session    
036-726 Illegal header received    
036-727 Illegal parameter of CC packet     
036-728 Illegal parameter of CN packet    
036-729Illegal parameter of DT packet    
036-730Illegal parameter of RI packet    
036-731Illegal parameter of IT packet    
036-732Illegal parameter of CI packet    
036-733Illegal parameter of CF packet    
036-734 Undefined Packet Received

036-735 CC Wait Timeout

036-736 CF Wait Timeout

036-737CI received before G4 session    
036-738 DT Packet P(S ), P(R ) Error
036-739 RR, RNR Packet P(S) Error
036-740 Busy Timeout
036-741SI received in transmission
036-742SF received in transmission
036-743 DT Packet D Bit Error
036-744 G4 Wait for Reply Timeout
036-745 G4 CN Wait Timeout
036-746 G4 Data Link Disconnect Notice Timeout
036-747Fast select response received
036-748 Receive remote charge request
036-749 Abnormal LCGN
036-750 Illegal procedure 1301
036-751 Illegal TCA Parameter
036-752 Illegal TCR Parameter
036-753 Illegal TCC Parameter
036-754 Illegal TBR Parameter
036-755 Illegal TDT Parameter
036-756 Undefined transport block
036-757 TCA Wait Timeout
036-758 TCR Wait Timeout
036-759 TCC Wait Timeout
036-760 TBR Wait Timeout
036-761 TDT block size error
036-762 G4 NetWork Disconnect Notice Timeout
036-763 Illegal procedure 1401
036-764 Illegal CSS Parameter
036-765 Illegal CSE Parameter
036-766 Illegal CSA Parameter
036-767 Illegal CSUI Parameter
036-768 Illegal CSCC Parameter
036-769 Illegal RSSP Parameter
036-770 Illegal RSSN Parameter
036-771 Illegal RSEP Parameter
036-772 Illegal RSAP Parameter
036-773 Illegal RSUI Parameter
036-774 Illegal RSCCP Parameter
036-775 Undefined command/response 1413
036-776 RSSN Receive
036-777 G4 Line Disconnect Notice Timeout
036-778 CSA received (wrong terminal)
036-779 CSA Receive (Others)
036-780 CSS Wait Timeout
036-781 RSSP Wait Timeout
036-782 RSAP Wait Timeout
036-783 RSEP Wait Timeout
036-784 RSCCP Wait Timeout
036-785 CSUI/RSUI Wait Timeout
036-786 Incorrect Password (RSSN)
036-787 Wrong Password-Polling Error for 
036-788 Poll Send Error at Remote
036-789 No Password for RSSP Receive

036-790Polling rejected by remote 

036-791 Set Password-RSSP Received

036-792 CSE Received after RSSP Send 

036-793Select communication error 

036-794 Line cut during ISDN mode

036-795Canceled by remote station 

036-796Sent without multiple sets 

036-797Illegal procedure 1501 

036-798 Illegal RDEP Parameter

036-799 Illegal RDDP Parameter
041-xxx FIP

041-500Write to IOT-ROM error detection

041-501Write to IOT-NVM-ROM error detection

048-xxx FIP

048-500 IF-Module ROM Write Error 
049-xxx FIP

049-500HCS1 ROM Write Error

049-700Out tray changed from stacker1

049-950HCS1 MIX SIZE STACK Fail 

049-973Stacker Extraction button was pushed
062-xxx FIP

062-394Cont PWBA Memory Fail 

062-500Write to IISS-ROM error detection (During DLD method) 

062-790Possible Prohibited Originals 
063-xxx FIP

063-500 Write to IISS-Extension-ROM error detection (During DLD method) 
071-xxx FIP0

71-940 Tray#1 LiftUp NG 
072-xxx FIP

072-940 Tray#2/TTM#2 LiftUp NG
073-xxx FIP

073-940 Tray#3/TTM#3 LiftUp NG
074-xxx FIP

074-940 Tray#4 LiftUp NG 
077-xxx FIP

077-911Paper size mismatch, job contniue 

077-967Paper kind mismatch (APS job) 

077-968Paper kind mismatch, job contniue 
078-xxx FIP

078-500Write to HCF-ROM error detection 

078-9402000A3-HCF paper misset 

078-9412000A3-HCF size mismatch 

078-942 4000A3HCF lower tray paper misset
078-943 4000A3HCF lower tray size mismatch
093-xxx FIP

093-434 Drum/Toner Cartridge K Near Empty
093-435 Drum/Toner Cartridge Quality Empty
093-940 Toner Y CRUM Comm Fail        
102-xxx FIP

102-311 USB Dongle Access Fail
102-312 USB Dongle Illegal MAC Address Fail
102-313 USB Dongle Illegal IOT Speed Key Fail
102-314 USB Dongle IOT Speed Setting Fail
102-315 USB Dongle SW Key Setting Fail
102-316 USB Dongle Supply Setting Setting Fail   
102-317 USB Dongle Page Pack Setting Fail
102-318 USB Dongle Country Code Setting Fail
102-319 USB Dongle NVM List Setting Fail
102-356 EWS Soft Fail
102-380MF UI cont Soft Fatal error   

102-381Data Link Layer Error (UI-Panel)
102-382Application Layer Command Error (UI-Panel)    
103-xxx FIP

103-310Hybrid Water Mark Not Exist
103-311 Hybrid Water Mark Setting Mismatch
103-312 Hybrid Water Mark Not Exist (Back Side)
103-313 SW Option Fail (IISS Mem for HWM Not Exist)
112-xxx FIP

112-700 Punch Dust Near Full
116-xxx FIP

116-210 MediaReader Faital Error    
116-211 MediaReader Cable No Joint
116-212 MediaLib SW Logic Fail
116-220 Downloader Initialization Fail    
116-310 ESS Font ROM DIMM #2 Check Fail
116-311 ESS Font ROM DIMM #3 Check Fail
116-312 HDD Encrypt Key Fail
116-313 HDD Encrypt Set Up Fail
116-314 Ethernet Address Fail    
116-315 ESS RAM DIMM #1 W/R Check Fail
116-316 ESS RAM DIMM #2 W/R Check Fail
116-317 Standard ROM DIMM Check Fail
116-318 Op ROM DIMM Check Fail
116-319 Mismatch Cont ROM and Panel config
116-320 STREAMZ Soft Fatal error
116-321System Soft Fatal error    
116-322 WebDAV S/W Fail
116-323 ESS NVRAM W/R Check Fail
116-324 Exception Fail
116-325 ESS Fan Fail
116-328 L2 Cache Fail
116-329 Serial IF Soft Fail
116-330 HDD File System Fail

116-331Invalid Log Info    
116-332 ESS Standard ROM Error

116-333 LocalTalk Soft Fail
116-334 ESS NVRAM Data Compare Fail

116-336Redirector HD Fail    
116-337 SNTP S/W Fail

116-338JBA fatal error    
116-339 JBA No HD

116-340 Memory Not Enough

116-341 ROM VER Incorrect

116-342 SESAMi Manager Fail

116-343 Main PWBA IC Fail

116-345 TokenRing Board Fail

116-346Formatter Fail    
116-347 LocaTalk Board Fail

116-348Redirecter Fail    
116-349SIF Fail to Call Pflite    
116-350AppleTalk Soft Fail
116-351EtherTalk Soft Fail
116-352 NetWare Soft Fail
116-353 HDD Phisycal Fail
116-354 HDD Product Fail
116-355Agent Soft Fail
116-356 HDD Format Fail
116-357PostScript Error
116-358Salutation Soft Fail
116-359 PLW Soft Fail

116-360 SMB Soft Fail

116-361 Spool Fatal HDD

116-362 SSDP Soft Fail

116-363BMLinkS/Print Service Soft Fail    
116-364Timer Fail    
116-365 Spool Fatal

116-366Report Gen Soft Fail    
116-367Parallel IF Soft Fail    
116-368 Dump Print Fail

116-370 XJCL Fail

116-371 PCL Decomp S/W Fail

116-372P-Formatter Fail    
116-373 Dynamic DNS Soft Fail

116-374Auto Switch Fail    
116-375I-Formatter Fail    
116-376Port 9100 Software Fail    
116-377 Video DMA Fail

116-378 MCR Soft Fail

116-379 MCC Soft Fail
116-380 ESS Font ROM DIMM #1 Check Fail
116-381ABL Initialize Fail
116-382ABL Phisycal Initialize Fail
116-383PIT Lib Failure
116-384 DCS Software Fail
116-385IDC Software Fail
116-386 Incorrect USB port used for FAX
116-387 MRC HW Fatal Error
116-388 No HD that Should Be
116-389 No Add-On RAM that Should Be
116-390 Standard ROM and NVM Version Mismatch
116-391Illegal code (country/territory/size group)
116-392 Machine Code Check Fail
116-393 AAA Manager S/W Fail
116-394AAA Manager detect illegal setting Auth & Acct
116-395 USB Soft Fail
116-396FIPS140 Self-Test Fail
116-397AAAmgr illegal setting area coverage threshold
116-399 MUnder initialization for 10 minutes
116-700 Image Extension Kit Insufficient Memory
116-701 Out of Memory-Duplex Fail
116-702 Print with Substitute Font
116-703 PostScript LANG Interprete ERR
116-704 MediaReaderMedia No Insert(No Job)
116-705 MediaReader Format Error(No Job)
116-706 MediaReader:File Attribute Read Error(No Job)
116-707 MediaReader:Image File Read Error(No Job)
116-708 MediaReader:File Attribute Read Error(In Job)
116-709 MediaReader:Image File Read Error(In Job)
116-710 HP-GL/2 Memory Overflow
116-711 PLW Size/orientation mismatch
116-712 Out of Area-Form REGI ERR
116-713 Job divided by HDD Full
116-714 HP-GL/2 Command ERR
116-715 Max Form to PLW Registered
116-716 MediaReader File Not Exist
116-717 MediaLib:Not Excecute of New Request
116-718 Selected PLW Form Not Registered
116-719 XPIF Parameter Cancelled
116-720 PCL Memory Low,Page Simplified
116-725 HDD full for Image Log
116-737 Out of Area-Data REGI ERR
116-738 Size/orientation mismatch
116-739 Out of Disk Area-Form/Logo REGI ERR
116-740Arithmetic Error
116-741 Max Form to Not PLW Registered
116-742 Max Logo Registered
116-743 Out of Buffer Area-Form/Logo REGI ERR
116-745 ART Command ERR
116-746 Selected Form Not Registered
116-747 Invalid Page Margin 

116-748 Page without Image Draw Data 

116-749 PostScript Font error

116-751 Booklet Aborted by HDD Fail 

116-752 Print job ticket description warning 

116-771 > 778 Invalid JBIG Param DL Fixed

116-780 Attached Document Error 

116-790 Stapling Canceled

117-xxx FIP

117-310 WSD Scan S/W Fail

117-311Wrong insertion of security enhancing kit 

117-312Device Self Test Error

117-316Contract Manager Software Fail 

117-317Contract Manager PPP_contract Finishing Fail 

117-318 Contract Manager PPP DC Command Fail 

117-319 SD Card Program or Font Data Access Fail 

117-320 SD Card HW Fail 

117-321SD Card Invalid Type Fail 

117-322 SD Card Encrypt Fail 

117-323 SD Card File Access Fail 

117-324 SD Card Other Product Fail 

117-325 Contract Manager RTC Hardware Fail 

117-326 ESS NVRAM SW Access Fail

117-327 ESS NVRAM (SD Card) HW Access Fail 

117-328Detect invalid combination of function for image log Fail

117-329 SD Card Not Found Fail

117-330 XBDS Soft Fail 

117-331Uninitialize used HDD 

117-332Uninitialize used NVM

117-333Uninitialize used SD

117-334 BMLinkS Manager Soft Fail 

117-335Invalid NVM of Convert Fail 

133-xxx FIP

133-210 > 283 Fax Parameter incorrect 

133-700 Staple/Punch Canceled 


Bảng tra lỗi máy Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2060-3060-3065 Phần 2 xem tại đây

Bảng tra lỗi máy Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-IV 2060-3060-3065 Phần 1 xem tại đây


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